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UD Wellbeing programmes are designed to help people develop positive mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. These key areas of our lives play a significant role in our relationship with ourselves and others. Self-discovery and self-enrichment are the foundations of a healthy individual.

Our mission is to help individuals develop positive social and emotional health and wellbeing by cultivating inner silence, patience, compassion, letting go, unconditional love, determination, courage, resilience, empathy, dynamic physical activity, passion, inner peace and mindfulness and respect, devotion, centering yourself and acceptance, presence in the here and now.


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Encountering other genders so that single people can invest in their personal relationships and wellbeing in a relaxed environment

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Personal and Interpersonal Dynamics retreats

Encounter the deeper levels of reflection and personal inquiring in order to cause transformation at the personal and interpersonal level.

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Personal dynamics for professionals

This programme is for businesses and organisations who want to elevate their performance.

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